More than 30 years of experience
Able to handle high volume orders
Professional design team
High-quality after-sales service
Innovative technology, keeping pace with the times
Environmentally friendly fabrics for sustainable development

Our clients

Your trusted partner

We have been partners with many of our customers since our establishment in 1991. Continuous cooperation is key to building brand confidence. Beverley Apparel has vast experience and our factory is capable of handling high volume and urgent orders. We have worked with clients from all kinds of industries including casinos, airlines, hotels, property management, and Michelin star restaurants.

Service Process

Design Proposal

First, our team works with you, our customer, to understand your needs and the different factors that will impact the design such as type of work, work environment, and workplace atmosphere. Based on this information, we create a customised design.

Fabric Selection

Once we’ve designed your uniform, it is time to choose the fabric. We source high-quality fabrics from all over the world, including environmentally-friendly and renewable fabrics, providing a wide selection of fabrics to suit different needs. For example, all uniforms should be durable and machine washable, but for outdoor work the fabric must also be breathable and hygroscopic. We will also consider our customer’s corporate colours and workplace environment.


After fabric selection, we will produce a set of uniform samples for our customers to try. Modifications will be made where necessary. At the same time, a trial washing test of the uniform will be carried out. Normally, the clothing is washed dozens of times to test the shrinkage, wear resistance, discolouration and fabric integrity of the uniform, so as to ensure quality and longevity.

Production in our own factory

Once all modifications and tests are complete, and upon receiving our customer's approval, we will ship the required fabrics to our factory. Upon arrival, we will conduct a quality inspection and find the most economical way to cut the fabric. We will then officially start the production process and package all uniforms according to our customer’s needs.

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